18-20 February, 2010

Department of Linguistics, University of Mumbai


Conference Schedule



Programme Schedule for SCONLI 4

17th February 2010

2pm- 3.30pm: Inauguration Session

Inaugural address by
Prof. Nirmalangshu Mukherjee (Department of Philosophy, University of Delhi)

                            “Computational View of Language”

3.30pm- 4pm: High Tea

4pm- 6.30pm: Technical sessions

Bhausaheb Biradar

Cognitive Linguistics and Lowenheim-Skolem Theorem

Rambichar Pandey

Inertial Theory, Diachronic Change And The Rise
Of Direct vs Oblique Cases In The Magadhan Languages

Chinmay Vijay Dharurkar

A History of the Sanskrit Tradition and the Disciplinarity of Sanskrit

Deepa Mary Joseph

Sociolinguistic Nature of Gundert’s Dictionary

Gayathri Krishnan
S. Priyashri

Inter-Cultural and Intra Cultural Variations in Non-Verbal Communication:
A Preliminary Study in Indian Context

Gurujegan M.

Literary and Spoken Tamil

Archana Amberkar

Translation as Cultural Dialogue

18th February 2010

9.15am- 11am:Technical sessions:

Hemanga Dutta

Segmental Complexity in Government Phonology: Evidence from Assamese Consonant Cluster

Tawfik Mohammed al-Shar’abi

Harmonic Serial Account of Stress in Cairene MSA

Michelle St-Amour

Grammatical Gender Assignment in Russian:
The Role of Phonology versus Semantics

Dripta Piplai

Mapping Variation with the Minimalist Framework:
Intra-sentential Variation and Verbal Constructions of the Rajbanshi Children

John Winward

Constraints on Wh-movement: A Study of Thai Learners of English

11.15 am- 12.30pm:Technical sessions

Feras Saeed

Licensing Formal Features in Defective Domains

Ishani Guha

An Analysis of Bangla RRCs as Prenominal Merges

Pinkey Nainwani

Intervention Effects in Sindhi


12.30pm- 1.30pm:
Special Lecture by Paroma Sanyal(Senior Research Scholar, EFLU)

“Constraints on Prosodic Well-formedness”


---Lunch: 1.30pm-2.30pm---


2.30pm- 4.15pm: Technical sessions

Shubhangi Kardile

A Change In Grammatical Gender System: A Case Study


Grammaticalization In The Morphosyntactic Study Of Meiteilon

Saghar Shariffi

Word or Group? A Phonological, Morphological and Semantic Interface in Treating Some Persian Combinations

S. Saravanan

Second person Pronominal Terminations in Eight Anthologies of classical Tamil

Shaima Al-Issa

Metaphorical Reading of ‘Snow’


4.30pm- 6.30pm: Technical sessions

Sowmya.G.P., Ramya.H.Y.

Checklist For Pragmatic Language Skill In Kannada

Y Viswanatha Naidu

Building English-Hindi Dictionary Using Parallel Corpus

Galmar Bruno

Identifying Different Meanings of a Chinese Morpheme through Latent Semantic Analysis and Minimum Spanning Tree Analysis

Murat Orhun

Morphological Ambiguity Reduction for Uyghur Language

Shailendra Kumar,  Nilu

Extraction Rules for Hindi Derived Adjectives



19th February 2010

9.15am- 11.15am: Technical sessions

Hidam Gourashyam Singh

Incorporated heads of split PP in IPSL


Neha Kulshreshtha

The Case of Wh-Split in Indo-Pakistani Sign Language

Diti Bhadra,
 Madri Kakoti

A Comparative Study of Bangla and Assamese Classifier Systems

Deepak Kumar

Multiple Agreement in Angika


Wanglit Mongchan

Negation and Agreement in Nocte


11. 30am- 12.30pm: Technical sessions

Raj Laxmi Singh

The Verb Morphology Of Tagin Language

Hima S

Malayalam Serial verbs

Bidisha Bhattacharjee

The Ambiguous Structure Of Bangla Complex Predicates


12. 30pm- 01.30pm:

Special Lecture by Dr. Vaijayanthi Sarma (Assistant Professor, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Mumbai)

---Lunch: 1.30 pm- 2.30 pm---


2.30pm- 4.15pm:Technical sessions

Deepak  Alok

Magahi Noun-Particles (A Semantic And Pragmatic Study)

Shashi Bala Singh

Tense As A Deictic Category In Bhojpuri


Uses of ‘BHAI’ In Bhojpuri

Arpana Shah

Verbal Expression of Gratitude in Hindi: An Aspect of Politeness


An Overview of Politeness Strategies in Hindi



4.30pm- 6.00pm: Technical sessions

Bornini Lahiri

Classifiers in Suryapuri : A Case of Contact Language

Ruchi Sehgal

'r' Pronunciation in Modern Indian English

Resmi P, Sudhanshu Shekhar

A Study of the Code Switching Patterns of English and Hindi in Malayalam and Bhojpuri speakers

Niveditha K

Colonialism, Print and Language Standardization in Kerala


20th February 2010

9.15am- 11.15am  &  11.30am- 1.30pm:

Workshop 1: Principles of First Language Acquisition (Dr. Vaijayanthi Sarma)
Workshop 2: Discourse Perspective: Methodological Approaches and Empirical Issues (Dr. Biswamohan Pradhan)
Workshop 3: Sociolinguistics: Survey research in Sociolinguistics (Dr. Aditi Ghosh)
Workshop 4: Phonology: Syllable Phonotactics (Paroma Sanyal)

---Lunch: 1.30pm-2.30pm---


2.30pm- 4.30pm: Valedictory function

                            Valedictory address by Dr. Aditi Ghosh (Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics, University of Calcutta)

Linguistic Diversity and Lanuguage Policy: A Quest for a Balanced Linguistic Ecosystem in India








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